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Useful Information for Parents

Birmingham City Council Housing Pathway

I want to do a Housing Application

  • Go to Birmingham Choice website . You will be asked for your NI number    
  • Complete part 1 of application to register         
  • Complete Part 2 of app (you will need previous addresses for 5 years)
  • Make sure you upload any documents that will evidence your housing need (consultant letters, CIN or CP plan etc)

If you failed to qualify call Registrations 0121 303 7410 as they can say why and reopen if appropriate

Tips for Housing apps

  • Exceptional need is when there is a risk to life or of serious harm and will normally need a Tier 1 from police. This won’t be considered if incidents or threats are not reported.
  • Medical - must be a medical condition that is being made worse by your current property
  • If a child needs a separate bedroom due to any medical condition, this needs to be evidenced by a medical professional
  • Child in Need – this is any child with an allocated Social Worker
  • ASB – if BCC property this must be reported to the ASB team 0121 464 4700 or online:

I am homeless now or know I will be soon

  • Contact the BCC Homeless Team (to do a homeless application) on 0121 303 7410. They are doing apps over the phone during Covid-19.
  • If you are roofless on the day, they will arrange TA for you. This may well be outside Birmingham as TA properties are in very short supply. They have 56 days to assess the case and whether they are genuinely homeless. If they are found as ‘intentionally homeless’ they won’t be able to join the housing register unless they have another housing need.
  • If the homeless team take a homeless application, they will issue a letter with a homeless reference on it. This reference needs to be added to the Housing app. If it isn’t added, then ‘homeless priority’ Band 2 won’t be added.
  • A homeless application can be made even if you aren’t roofless, as BCC can give ‘prevention duty’ and they will try to prevent the homelessness from happening. Evidence is needed in the form of a letter from the landlord or a possession order etc. Again, a housing app needs to be done as well.

My housing app has closed. What do I do?

Call Registrations on 0121 303 7410 as they can see what the reason is and potentially open it up again for changes to be made. They can also reset passwords.

I’ve got rent arrears but want to join BCC Housing Register

  • For a current BCC tenancy call Rents Team 0121 675 2006 to set up a repayment plan
  • If the arrears are from a previous BCC tenancy call Former Tenancy Rent Team on 0121 303 3173 to set up a repayment plan
  • If the arrears are from a TA property call TA Finance on 0121 675 5535
  • If its from a Private tenancy, then evidence is needed to show that a repayment plan is being adhered to. This could be a bank statement.

Once the repayment plan has been adhered to for at least 3 months then a Housing app can be done. If the arrears are significant (£2000 plus) allow longer before doing a housing app. You will not be accepted onto the Housing Register with any arrears unless there is a repayment plan.

I have got problems with my landlord

BCC has a team that can support tenants with rogue landlords, longstanding repairs issues, environmental issues.

  • Call the Private Tenancy Unit on 0121 303 5070

My BCC property is in disrepair with rats or mice

  • All repairs need to be reported to 0121 216 3330. If it is a health and safety risk (Front door lock broken etc) then an urgent repair can be requested, and they will aim to get it done within 2 hours
  • Call Pest Control on 0121 303 6007
  • For Environmental Health call 0121 303 1112

I am having problems with my neighbour

BCC Housing advice portal: Start | Housing Advice | Birmingham City Council (


Fox Hollies Children’s Centre

419 Fox Hollies Road
Acocks Green
B27 7QA

0121 702 2700

Please see below for useful links to resources, agencies and providers that support families and young children. 

Free Mental Health resources:

Child Mental Health & Wellbeing

Your Mental Health & Wellbeing